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Winner of the Readers' Choice Award, "BEST PARK" 2010.
The Park is set on 450 acres with an 83-acre lake.
Central Park and Lake Elizabeth was named the best park of the Tri-Cities area by the Argus newspaper..
Park Amenities
• 6 Baseball / Softball Fields 
• 4 Playground Areas / 3 snack bars
• Picnic /BBQ Sites / Dog Park 
• Boat Launch, Rentals, and Storage  / Fishing
• Aqua Adventure Waterpark / Stivers Lagoon Nature Area
• Teen Center  / Fremont Community Center
• Central Park Visitor Center / Performance Pavilion 
• Event & Catering Services 
• 18 Tennis Courts / 10 Soccer Fields / 2 Basketball Courts
• 1- 1/2 Mile Exercise Course  / 2 Mile Walking Path
• Special Events 
• Golf Course & Driving Range 
Webcam - Live
Central Park Map


Each team is allowed one defensive and 1 offensive do-over PER GAME. When a team uses a do-over, everything goes back to what it was before the play occurred. Do over’s need to be used before the next pitch.
The home plate umpire will confirm the use of the do-over with the team captain.

Backwards Innings
Players must run opposite direction in the 2nd and 4th innings. Players run from home to 3rd Base, 3rd Base to 2nd Base, 2nd base to 1st base, 1st base to home!!!! You run in opposite direction on the bases!!!!

WHEEL of FORTUNE / Free prize’s
At The start of The Third inning each team will send a representative to spin the Wheel of Fortune or Fortune grab bags -Located at the Tournament booth or scorekeeper booth! There will be instant winners or a task must be completed in the 3rd inning to win the prize.

3 Pointers
The last batter in the line-up is worth three runs if he scores.

THE PLAYER MUST WEAR a Pink triple point tank top while BATTING AND ON BASE . If the player fails to wear the PTP Tank top he will not count for three runs. THERE CAN BE NO COURTESY OR PINCH RUNNER FOR A 3 POINTER. If a pinch or courtesy runner comes in, he is only worth 1 run.
If the 3 pointer WALKS, he automatically GETS Third BASE. This is to discourage teams from walking the 3 pointer.
Pink triple point tank tops
teams must supply your own TPT Tanks, be creative cool awards
for best Pink triple point tank tops!

Extra Rules
• Game times are 1 hour 20 minutes or 6 innings!!
• No skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc.. inside parks.
• No outside food, parks have a snack bar
• Water/sports drinks okay for players. No coffee, soft drinks, etc...
• Gate fee for non-players (Players in uniform and 2 coaches/1 manager are free).
• No alcoholic beverages at all.

• Have fun.


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