WHEEL of FORTUNE / Free prize’s
Example on Wheel of fortune prizes and task needed to be completed!!

• Hit a Homerun = Win a shirt and a hat.
• Hit 2 Homers (any 2 players) = Win prizes for your entire team
• Instant winner – 13 prizes for your team,
• Instant Winner = $50 off future Tournament or $50 in Golden Woody Bucks
• Instant Winner = $100 off future Tournament  
• Hit 3 Homeruns = Win 1/2 off future tourney entry for the team!

• Score 2 runs exactly = $25 off future Tournament 
• Score 5 or More runs = $100 off future Tournament

• Hit 1 off the wall = Batter wins hat or shirt 
• Team Hits for the cycle = Win Team Hats or shirts

• Hit Inside the park Homerun = Win $50 off future tournament.
• Hit 2 Triples, Win = 2 Hats, 2 Shirts, & 2 bracelets for the 2 batters
• Get 1 hit total for the inning = Batter gets free bracelet
• Must complete task on offense during the 3rd inning to win, Or spin an istant winner!

Extra’s prizes will be given out throughout the weekend!

We hand out prizes for winning, losing, good plays, bad plays, dressing, spinning, names, birthdays, bats, top placing teams, bottom placing teams, dunking, homerun trots, hot dogging, trivia answers, event contest, play of the game and more. Our favorite part is we don't always know who, how, when or why. It could be anyone for anything, and it could be you.

Top Teams

1st Place All Divisions (15 per team) Individual awards

Trophies, Shirts and More!
 *Manager/Coaches will also receive awards
2nd Place All Divisions (15 per team) Individual awards
 Trophies or Shirts, and More!

*Manager/Coaches will also receive awards

3rd Place awards determined as we get closer to kick off and depending on division team count.

More details on awards, prizes and giveaways coming soon stay tuned for exact awards.


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